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10 quick tips to help you find a job
2:59pm Sunday 08 March 2009

During these tough economic times, it is incredibly stressful when unemployed. Now with more job seekers in the workforce, the so called "skills shortage" has decreased in most industries. Here are 10 quick tips to help you on your way. read more...

Hunting The (Hidden) Hunters Report by CareerOne
3:03pm Thursday 05 March 2009

CareerOne released a report last week titled "Hunting The (Hidden) Hunters" which reveals how almost anyone can be turned into a job hunter and changes the way we think about active and passive candidates. Well done to CareerOne for producing a well thought out report. read more...

Graduate Program Wizard
12:06pm Thursday 05 March 2009

GradConnection have just launched an online wizard which will help University Graduates select the best Graduate program. It compares the various programs on offer from employers and ranks them accordingly by an algorithm based on your search query called the “Grad Rank” read more...

Employer Branding - A Quick Overview
10:14pm Monday 02 March 2009

When planning your employer brand strategy, it is helpful to determine where your brand is in the minds of the job seeker (or potential job seeker) and adjust your messaging strategy accordingly. Visualize each stage of the recruitment process in their shoes and how would your brand stack up against a competitor - who would you choose? read more...

Branding Terminology and Jargon
10:02pm Monday 02 March 2009

Here is a quick overview of some branding terminology and jargon that is thrown around by marketers and branding consultants. These definitions will provide a valuable reference list for future marketing and branding activities. read more...

Web 2.0 in Recruitment
2:22pm Friday 27 February 2009

Social media is amazing – let me give you a real example from yesterday. I uploaded my presentation for the Inspecht HR Futures conference on Web 2.0 in Recruitment to SlideShare read more...

Ambulance Chasers
6:43pm Tuesday 24 February 2009

I read an interesting article in today’s Recruiter Daily called "Hone your ad chasing skills", and it got me quite ruffled up. The article refers to recruiter’s ambulance chasing job adverts. Surely Recruiters would have built strong relationships over the years with clients and understand their business? read more...

Chat and IM use for Recruiters
7:00am Tuesday 24 February 2009

There are several ways you can talk to people in person, on the phone, via e-mail, and instant messaging (IM). What is instant messenger? It's basically like sending a SMS to a person on a mobile phone (and we all know people who love to SMS). So instant messaging is a way to talk to your colleagues, candidates, clients, bosses or whoever you might want to talk to. read more...

2009 Graduate Career Fairs
2:22pm Monday 23 February 2009

It's that time of the year when Universities and TAFE's are holding their Graduate Career Fairs. Recruiters should think about attending these events - not only for candidates, but for market intelligence. read more...

Linkme infestation
1:29pm Monday 23 February 2009

It seems that the Linkme blog section needs some cleaning up. Are these blogs physically verified by humans to check the contents? Whoops, just forgot about the retrenchments last week. read more...

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