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Articles posted on 2009-01-28

Monster hacked again plus information on security terminology
8:19pm Wednesday 28 January 2009

It has been widely reported online and readers would have known by now that Monster websites have been hacked. Confidential information has been downloaded, maybe malicious scripts have been uploaded, who knows what else has been done. But the question is... WHY? Why has the site been hacked in the first place. We understand that Monster has recently undergone a site upgrade - but still, that’s NO EXCUSE for not protecting confidential information. Let’s look at common terminology on the types of computer security incidents, and computer security evaluation methods. read more...

TribeHQ is coming
11:50pm Tuesday 27 January 2009

TribeHQ is set to breathe social networking life into the static world of job boards. It is currently gearing up for the public beta release next week (2nd Feb 2009). I was lucky enough to be sent some screenshots and pre release information from Tim de Jardine & Paul Jacobs co-founders of TribeHQ (Tim is also the founder of Hirewall ATS I interviewed a few weeks ago). read more...