Applying for jobs using your mobile phone

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:30am Monday 30 May 2011

Mobile job sites are so hot right now. But one of the problems that we all identified in the early stages of designing mobile job sites, was how the job seeker could apply for jobs?

Let's have a look at 2 different ways job seekers can apply for jobs on their mobile phones.

In the latest SEEK release over the weekend; they have added the ability to apply for jobs on the mobile phone. But there is still the small problem of 3rd party application forms!

Until link out application forms are 100% banished (sorry PageUp, NGA & Taleo with your 20 page application forms) job seekers will find it hard to apply for jobs on their mobile. I'm sure advertisers will notice the % drop off rate in the next few months.

The SEEK application process is very simple. You can either manually enter all the fields or sign in to your SEEK account to pre fill the application form fields and use your stored resume.

PS: Those advertisers who use pre screening questions haven't been left out. This has also been included to the mobile application process

In this second example (disclaimer: I built the Adlogic mobile/LinkedIn app form scripts), Adlogic mobile clients have the ability for job seekers with a LinkedIn profile to apply for a job in a few easy steps.

All you need to do is sign into your LinkedIn account, authorise the application and your profile will be converted into a PDF. The application form will use your contact details to pre fill the application form saving you time and hassle on a mobile device.

Now, who else can say job seekers can apply using their LinkedIn profile on a mobile device?