Email Marketing Tips for Recruiters, Part 2 - Metrics

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 8:00pm Sunday 23 August 2009

Are you wasting your time sending email auto-responders to candidate or marketing campaigns or clients? In my previous blog post Email Marketing Tips for Recruiters, I provided some basic tips for recruiters on creating an effective email marketing campaign.

There is no point in using email as a marketing or communication tool, if you are not tracking or measuring the effectiveness of  this medium. Don't have the mindset "these are only transactional emails, we don't need to measure". All email marketing software programs should have the ability to manage, monitor and measure email campaigns.

If you think about the types of emails sent to candidates, most of these are stock standard (bland and BORING). These can include:
All these types of emails can (and should) be measured. By measuring your emails, you can use this information to change or tweak the message contents. I don't mean asking for a "read receipt", as most email readers can bypass this function.

To track open rates, HTML emails contain a 1x1 pixel invisible image. When a recipient enables images to display when they read the message, the sending servers are able to track when the image was displayed and by whom- this is the “open rate” information you see in your reports. When images are blocked, the “open” cannot be tracked.

Let's look at some metrics you can use to learn more about your email marketing activities. Most of these you will know already and some you will learn for the first time. I also suggest you have a read of a PDF report Email Marketing Metrics June 2009 which contains benchmark response rate comparisons, tips and tricks.