TribeHQ is coming

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 11:50pm Tuesday 27 January 2009

TribeHQ is set to breathe social networking life into the static world of job boards. It is currently gearing up for the public beta release next week (2nd Feb 2009). I was lucky enough to be sent some screenshots and pre release information from Tim de Jardine & Paul Jacobs co-founders of TribeHQ (Tim is also the founder of Hirewall ATS I interviewed a few weeks ago).

1. Enables occupational tribalism – members can select the tribe or tribes applicable to them – e.g. nurses, engineers, teachers, .Net developers

People by their very nature are tribal. We congregate. Group membership is a big part of our lives – family, school, sport, work, clubs, politics, religion, etc. Within each of our tribes, we form a close collection of allies. We unite with people who share our interests and beliefs. There’s typically shared characteristics and underlying sense of purpose between members of the same tribe, regardless of geography. In uncertain economic times, support from one’s tribe is even more important.

2. Encourages conversation between tribe members, using microblogging as the foundation

The conversation between allies encourages global kinship, identity and sharing of ideas and knowledge across borders.

3. Re-invents recruitment advertising

In any employment context there's a group of people actively looking for job opportunities. But there’s an even larger group – often up to 60 percent of those currently working – that would consider another employer if a better opportunity presents itself.

TribeHQ enables an employer to target and showcase their opportunities to a tribe. It enables a direct conversation between employers and those tribe members open to job opportunities, again using micro-blogging.

Think job board meets social networking!
Think interactive job board!
Think “microjobbing”!

TribeHQ uses an algorithm to automatically match tribe members with jobs, effectively removing the clutter inherent with directory-based job boards.