Was the NSW Government Job Board Hacked?

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 8:34pm Monday 26 January 2009

The news is currently reporting that the NSW Government's Job Board http://jobs.nsw.gov.au website has been hacked. The site is currently offline and undergoing security testing and maintenance. Am I surprised by the lack of security around job boards and recruitment websites? No, no, no!!!

Who is next...? Which recruitment website has its FTP/Database passwords currently online, and has had its website compromised recently by an insecure CMS (Content Management System) script which is linked to over 40,000 customer/client details. More to reveal over the next few days. In the meantime, have a read of some previous articles I wrote on Scams/Hacking regarding Recruitment/Job Boards. Securing your website, is one of my main points in an article I was quoted in a few months back "Recruitment industry gets "100% fail rate" on IT security - Shortlist News 7th Oct 2008" http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/About/Downloads/p13_sectionid/2/p13_fileid/5

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