Review of Oracle Recruiter

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 12:02am Thursday 22 January 2009

I met David Talamelli from Oracle (Principal Recruiter, Asia Pacific Region) back in Dec 2008 and we had quite an in-depth discussion about online recruitment, in-house recruitment as well as blogging and social networking. David runs the Oracle Corporation Recruitment Blog here and has asked me to critique the blog and provide advice taking it to the next level.

Currently he manages the blog using Blogger and wants to take it to the next level. The site focuses mostly on David and his work, but he is trying to slowly evolve it so others in the organisation can blog and manage the site. The blog has a strong readership, and generates a lot of traffic. Oracle is a very strong brand, and David's main role is as a Recruiter - not a blogger. If David moves role or leaves the company, he would need to be able to pass on the blog's responsibilities to another person - so he needs to be able to manage the site with ease, keeping in line with corporate policies.

1. Blog URL
How easy is it to remember David should look at purchasing a new domain name (keeping it on the same lines - but just getting rid of "blogspot")

I would suggest keeping it as "oraclerecruiter" or "oraclerecruiters" (as there is more than one) on the .com. is currently registered (and for sale) by someone else. David/Oracle would be able to acquire this name and may also consider purchasing other domain names, but really you are just parking the domain name on top of the main site.

There are many different names they could try creating relying on these main keywords - Oracle, recruitment, recruiter, careers, employment, jobs, IT

Changing a domain name is a big decision, but if you get it right the first time these problems would not have occurred. Who would have known that this small venture by Oracle would grow so large? You are able to redirect users from the existing blog at Blogspot to your new site without too much hassle. Yes - back links and permalinks will take time to update, but the change will be good in the long run.

2. Blog software

The blog is hosted online by (Saas). I would suggest migrating to Wordpress blog which has more features and functions. I am not going to bore readers with the details, but if you are interested to know why read some of these articles.

Blogger Sucks. Wanna Move to WordPress?

Choosing a Blog Platform

3. Design
SEO is quite poor. There are not that many back links and pages indexed in the search engines. Google page rank is 2, which is quite sad for the amount of content and visitors the site generates. There will be many benefits gained from changing to Wordpress as it has very strong SEO and automatic sitemap generation and submission.

4. Engaging with Users

Currently the site has over 700 subscribed users to the RSS feed. David should set a number of goals to increase the subscriber rate, by promoting the benefits of subscribing and increasing the "social" aspect of the website. David has recently added various social networking functions for users to share blog articles.
So, how can David go about engaging with the readers of his blog to create "community collaboration" in the makeover of Oracle Recruiter
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