Job Site Traffic Jan 2009

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 2:54pm Tuesday 13 January 2009

I was talking to an owner of a national Recruitment Agency last night and he mentioned that applications have increased. Anyone know why? I am not going to regurgitate all the news articles and media reports on job losses around the world. But letís look at some graphs and statistics on job site traffic.

Note: All the graphs below were created at although the data may not be exact, we can see trends apearing. The images were made 13th Jan 2008. I personally do not trust Alexa 100% but here it goes..

The marking (1) shows us that traffic increased as people went back to work after holidays. Clearly Seek are still the market leaders, and will strengthen its lead on the other job boards with candidates turning to a proven performer. MyCareer and CareerOne are still jostling for the 2nd position. Number 4... well itís anyoneís race now.

Other generalist sites and leading niche sites are on a small rollercoaster. Up...down...up....down. I can't really make any predictions or conclusions from this data. If I was working at a job board right now, my advice would be increase your marketing spends.

I originally was not going to include this graph, but thought it would be interesting to see traffic following to 3rd party ATS sites. Marking (2) shows the increased traffic from the holiday break flowing through to ATS application forms. I don't fully believe these statistics from PageUp because client sites are hosted on sub domains which may or may not be included in the Alexa rankings.