The real Job Genie

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 12:30pm Wednesday 07 January 2009

Protecting your brand identity is a must for any business. Last night while I was checking up on my own IP, I came across a new site logo and name which looks a bit familiar to a friend of ours 2vouch.

Currently we are finalising our own trademark registrations (logo and words), and it is a very costly and drawn out exercise. But it is essential in protecting your uniqueness in the marketplace.

We like 2vouch - good idea and great team. I was certainly surprised when I noticed this logo trademark application on for "" by an individual

I am no expert on this subject, but on the surface "" sounds, and has identical word strings to 2vouch's trademark of "the jobgenie", but there are more factors to consider when comparing trademarks - categories, what the product actually is etc.

So what now? In the above example, the trademark of "" has just been "filed" with IP Australia. I would asume that 2vouch will object to the registration.

The trademark application process takes a minimum of seven and half months from the date of application to the date of registration. The first hurdle in the trademark application process is the examination of your trademark by the IP Australia, which generally occurs three to four months from the date of application. Shortly after that, the trademark will enter the mandatory three month opposition period, which commences four and a half months from the original date of your trademark application.

When the mandatory three month opposition period expires, the trademark will then move to registered status. The trademark registration will span for ten years from the original date of the application.

Last year Facebook objected to the registration of "facebookjobs" by a Sydney Recruitment Agency.

What are your thoughts?