Social Recruiting is a dirty word

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 11:00am Thursday 01 July 2010

Today, I gave quite a controversial presentation to a group of Recruitment Agency owners on Social Recruiting. When I was first asked to present to this group a few months ago, I was initially asked to speak about "Social Media and it's use in the Recruitment process". I said no, I wasn't interested.

A few days later, they came back to me and asked why not? I was quite honest, and gave my reasoning that the topic had been covered by me to death previously and I was not going to regurgitate old content. Plus, this was not a paying gig, but I could make some new clients from within this group.

What I did not expect in that conversation was a second proposal to take the opposite view on the topic "Are we wasting our time and resources on social recruiting?". They wanted a straight to the point presentation as I was not there to sell them or push a productů just my own views and opinions.

The presentation slides may not make that much sense to those who were not at the breakfast. But the overall message is short but sweet.
You can download or browse the presentation slides below. All examples shown have been removed. Sorry.

DOWNLOAD Social Recruiting is a dirty word - PowerPoint Slides