Mobile Device Statistics & Mobile Application behaviour. AdMob Mobile Metrics report

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:13pm Tuesday 02 March 2010

Lately, I have been working on new product development ideas around the use of mobile devices for a number of recruitment clients. Our discussions always seem to come back to this one question... Should we build a specific mobile application for the platform or optimise our existing website?

Although I am a fan of native applications (and talk my way out of an iphone job search application sale), you can't go past having your recruitment website optimised to work with ANY mobile device, regardless of the platform! Also have a read of my previous article titled Is mobile going to become the recruitment platform of choice.

I have reposted a number of interesting graphs and statistics from the December 2009 (pdf) and January 2010 (pdf) AdMob Mobile Metrics reports. These reports look at mobile user behaviour and platform analytics.

Note: AdMob publishes the Mobile Metrics Report to provide a measure of mobile Web and application usage from THEIR NETWORK of more than 15,000 mobile Web sites and applications. AdMob share is calculated by the percentage of requests received from a particular handset; it is a measure of relative mobile Web and application usage and does not represent handset sales. In the statistics below, Oceania is defined by Australia, New Zealand and several islands in the Pacific Ocean.

December 2009

Apple's share increased dramatically throughout 2009 and its devices are responsible for the vast majority of requests in the region. The top 10 smartphones in Q4 2009 included the Apple iPhone, HTC Magic, HTC Hero, BlackBerry 9000 and six different Nokia models.

January 2010

Note: All data in the feature section is based on an opt-in survey taken by users on their mobile device. Respondents were sourced by responding to mobile ads throughout AdMob's iPhone OS, Android and webOS networks. There was no incentive offered to participate in the survey. There were 963 total respondents: 318 Android, 244 iPhone, 356 iPod touch and 45 webOS. The survey was run from February 5th - February 16th. The geographic representation of the respondents was designed to approximate the distribution of users in the AdMob network. The respondents were sourced from English-speaking countries in the AdMob network.