Congratulations Thomas. Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters!

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 11:24am Monday 22 February 2010

John Sumser has just released HRExaminer's second series of lists documenting the online world’s Most Influential People in HR and its subsets. Australian Thomas Shaw has been included at number 3 of the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters. Not only is it an honor to be included in John's research, but to be listed as the only Australian and at such a high ranking was a complete shock.

The list was created using software called Traackr. Traackr uses a combination of spidering, processing and analytics to develop its lists. In order to really quantify the dimensions of online influence, Traackr measures three key variables:
Traackr spiders the web based on searches for those search terms. That massive pile of data is then sorted and sifted in Traackr’s analytic sandbox. Links, references, content, name duplication are all identified, assessed and reexamined. Ultimately, after a number of spider-analyze-spider iterations, the list starts to take shape.

The entire list of the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters includes the following people. Well done to everyone involved.
  1. Jason Buss (USA)
  2. Bill Vick (USA)
  3. Thomas Shaw (Australia)
  4. Jessica Lee (USA)
  5. Marc Cenedella (USA)
  6. Bill Boorman (UK)
  7. Peggy McKee (USA)
  8. Michael Long (USA)
  9. Paul Debettignies (USA)
  10. Louise Triance (UK)
  11. John R. Sumser (USA)
  12. Dave Mendoza (USA)
  13. Shally Steckerl (USA)
  14. Jennifer McClure (USA)
  15. Alice Snell (USA)
  16. Glen Cathey (USA)
  17. Rusty Rueff (USA)
  18. Ben Yoskovitz (Canada)
  19. Kelly Dingee (USA)
  20. Peter Gold (UK)
  21. Kevin W. Grossman
  22. Josh Letourneau (USA)
  23. Geoff Webb (Canada)
  24. Amybeth Hale (USA)
  25. Dr. John Sullivan (USA)