Is mobile going to become the recruitment platform of choice?

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 3:29pm Wednesday 16 December 2009

Morgan Stanley has released the latest Mobile Internet Report studying innovations in technology. If you have a spare few hours, you can read the full 400+ page report, or browse through the presentation slides. Mobile internet is not a fad and the recruitment industry should take note. Most day-to-day recruitment programs are desktop based which requires costly overheads and resources. Recruitment systems, job boards and career websites should become mobile optimised to take full advantage of this growing medium.

Innovation in technology and the creation (and destruction) of wealth in its wake follows a pattern. As each new computing cycle unfolds, roughly once a decade, the number of devices and users rises by a factor of ten. From mainframe to minicomputer, PC, desktop Internet, and now the mobile Internet, more and more people benefited from faster processing power, better user interfaces, smaller form factors, lower prices, and expanded services.

The key takeaways from the report are...