Job Ad Click Through Destination Statistics & Posting Methods Recruiters use on Twitter & Facebook

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 2:00pm Friday 20 November 2009

I have just finished collating statistics studying the job ad "click through destination" and "posting methods" Recruiters are using on Twitter and Facebook. I looked at 100 different Australian Recruitment Agency/Recruiters who post job ads to Twitter or Facebook.

The "click through destination" is the link - either a URL or email address, mentioned in the status update. "Posting method" is the method used to post the job ad to the social network.

45% of the job ad links on Twitter click through to SEEK, followed by 15% to the Recruiter/Employers website and ATS. 35% of the job ad links on Facebook have no URL or email address listed, followed by 20% to the Recruiter/Employers website.

68% of Recruiters manually post job ads to Facebook, where as 40% of Recruiters manually post job ads to Twitter.