96% of Recruiters source Candidates through mainstream Job Boards

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 10:30pm Wednesday 04 November 2009

The RCSA has just released the latest Quarterly Business Manager Survey results for the 3rd Quarter 2009. Contained within the past 2 surveys, is a question regarding the "media used to source candidates". Although the survey is only a small sample of Recruitment Agencies across Australia & New Zealand, I have grouped together the past 2 survey results, to better represent any trends over the past 6 months.

I would encourage the RCSA to continue to refine the existing sources (grouping Social Networking sites) and expand to include Resume Databases, Print Media etc.

The majority of respondents (96%) source candidates through mainstream job boards followed by networking events (76%) and in-house & niche job boards (69%).

However, the RCSA statistics only show the "media used to source candidates". It is unknown if these candidates turned into successful placements or if the agency correctly identified the original candidate source. There is a considerable (placement conversion) difference in comparing the Source of Talent 2009 survey to the RCSA survey results.

3rd Qtr 2009 - 201 responses, data collection began early October 2009 and completed 16 October 2009
2nd Qtr 2009
- 184 responses, data collection began early July 2009 and completed 30 July 2009

Source of Hire: Employers vs Recruiters, Source of Talent 2009 survey

There are distinct differences between how employers and recruitment firms source talent. Employers have a high dependence on internal recruitment teams. Anecdotal evidence suggested that internal recruiters are mainly former recruitment staff from agencies. For both employers and recruiters, job boards remain the main source of talent.

Agencies rely on job boards more significantly with 40% of talent coming through online job boards, while corporations are significantly lower at 24.35%. Recruiters seem to be a lot savvier with social media and networks than employers. Social media climbed up to rank as the 12th most successful source of talent for recruiters. In the case of employers it remains at the bottom of the list, with only 0.24% of total hires coming through from social media or networks. Overall, employers make better use of their corporate website than recruiters. Websites ranked no 3 for employers while it stands at no 5 for recruiters.