When will Print die? Online vs Print

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:00am Thursday 27 August 2009

79% of jobs advertised in Australia are online, 73% of job seekers prefer online compared with print. But that only equates to 39% of the overall $$ advertising spend in the marketplace. Clearly, the structural shift in how people look for work proves that using print media is a waste.

Why are employers/recruiters wasting money using print media, when there is no accurate measurement of readership or ad views compared with online?

The statistics show that there is still plenty of room for online job boards to increase advertising rates. 

Revenue will be generated from increasing yields with the existing client base and bolt-on products.

Job boards don't need to drop their pants with cheaper adverts, specials or bundles. But refocus on the value online provides compared with print.

Does that mean there is there room for more job boards? No, I still believe the market is too fragmented. Any new job board will have problems in establishing traffic and differentiating themselves from existing sites.

The main industry sectors that are propping up print include: Government, Health and Education. How can we increase the uptake from print to online?