Need a fake job reference?

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 1:13pm Sunday 19 July 2009

A new website in the US is offering fake job references. CareerExcuse offers both written and verbal references for a fee.

As recruiters, we should be aware that these services do exist and we have processes in place to properly verify candidate employment history, qualifications and other details.

A fake reference is a vital service that benefits anybody seeking an approval on a lease application or is in the hiring process with a prospective employer. If you don't want your current employer being tipped off that you are seeking employment elsewhere, are attempting to be approved to rent a property, or have another similar need, this is the service for you. Don't let bad job references stop you from getting that job.

1. Creating Your New Employment History

First you need to choose your career by industry. Example: Legal Profession, Retail, Technical, Sales, Manufacturing, etc... has dozens of established companies in many fields. Letís say you are applying for a Retail position and have a 3 year gap in your resume you want to fill.† has a retail company already established with an 800 number, a real address, a real website, and a real contact person.† If you are a engineer or a sales representative in a manufacturing industry, we have that company waiting for you too!

Now that you have chosen your career industry, next is your job title.† Asst. Manager, Sales Manager, Lead Engineer, Cashier, Accountant, etc.

Last but not least, is the employment dates, starting and ending salary, reason for leaving and a brief description of your job responsibilities. We recommend using laid off due to lack of work as the reason for leaving.† You can ad your own, or make any request you may wish to add.† When you are filling out your reference information after you subscribe, we left a big box for you to fill with as much information you want to include.

2. Sign-up: Submit Your NEW Job References

After you submit your reference information, we will enter it into our data base.† You will then receive a Email with your NEW employer reference, including company name, address, "800" number, company website/Email address , contact name, contact phone number, contact email address.† You submit this information on your resume and job application forms.

3. When Your Employer Calls to Verify Your References

When one of your potential employers calls, they will be directed to a human resources dept. where they are instructed to fax, or e-mail, a Authorized Release Form and their Employment Verification Form to certain contact person acting as your past employer.

As always, will Email you as soon as someone calls! When a Employment Verification Form is received by us, we will forward you a copy of the completed form to your e-mail address the same day!