Why Job Boards Share Postings

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 12:15am Tuesday 14 July 2009

It's not uncommon to find the same job adverts appearing on multiple job sites. In Australia, the practice of job boards sharing "job content" has increased dramatically in these economic times. Are your job adverts appearing on other sites without your knowledge?

Steven Rothberg from CollegeRecruiter.com wrote a interesting blog post the other day titled Why Job Boards Share Postings.

Virtually every major job board shares at least some of the jobs posted to it with other job boards. The boards each do this to help ensure that they have plenty of jobs postings for virtually every candidate who runs a search at their sites.

Some boards, for example, may have a lot of postings for candidates in the Eastern United States but not have enough for candidates who are searching for a position in the Western United States so they'll pursue cross posting partnerships with boards which are strong in the west but not in the east.

By sharing postings, candidates using either board are almost always sure to find multiple positions of interest so they'll be more likely to register, apply to the jobs, come back repeatedly, and refer their friends.

Jobg8 (a spin-off company of JobServe & JobDispatch, launched late 2008) is a global marketplace of job boards, job aggregators and affiliates which buy and sell qualified job applications on a pay for performance basis.

The benifits of sharing and accepting job content include -

But.... the practice of sharing job content raises a number of concerns among advertisers.