Where did you hear about this job? Tracking Candidate Sources

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 1:07am Friday 03 July 2009

Do you track where your candidates have come from? If you are using some sort of application tracking system (ATS) in your recruitment process; more than likely you have the ability to automatically track where the candidate has come from.

A white paper released by Jake Firth from AllRetailJobs.com in October 2006 claimed that 83% of ATS Sourcing Data is Inaccurate

"Having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), HR Executives wrongly assume that the sourcing data has some resemblance to reality. Yet 5 out of 6 Candidates enter inaccurate data."

We all know it is very important to collect and generate periodic reports comparing the performance of our marketing channels. But with the evolution/improvements in technology why do I have the feeling that since the Oct 2006 survey, not much has changed?

Wherever possible, you should use URL “tracking tags” to correctly track the referral source. The predominately US based ATS Report Card compares various ATS providers.

There can be many other reasons that candidates do not provide the correct source when asked: