Creating a RSS Job Feed

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 4:10pm Tuesday 23 June 2009

Creating a RSS job feed can be a complex process and is best left to a programmer. So...what data should you include in your RSS job feeds? There are standard RSS specifications available, but we want to include extra data fields specifically for job aggregators to correctly index our data.

There are many different fields you can include. I have listed my standard RSS job feed template I use when creating job sites. This will be a good reference for any Career Site, Recruitment Agency or Job Board.

RSS places restrictions on the first non-whitespace characters of the data in <link> and <url> The data in these elements must begin with an URI scheme, such as http:// https:// news:// mailto: and ftp:// You can validate your feed at Feed Validator

Channel Elements

Item Elements. Each job should have it's own <item></item> element.

Here is the XML data structure for a sample RSS job feed.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>[TITLE]</title> <link>[LINK]</link> <description>[DESCRIPTION]</description> <language>[LANGUAGE]</language> <copyright>[COPYRIGHT]</copyright> <webMaster>[WEBMASTER]</webMaster> <pubDate>[PUBDATE]</pubDate> <lastBuildDate>[LASTBUILDDATE]</lastBuildDate> <ttl>[TTL]</ttl> <item> <title>[TITLE]</title> <link>[LINK]</link> <guid isPermaLink="false">[GUID]</guid> <description>[DESCRIPTION]</description> <pubDate>[PUBDATE]</pubDate> <category domain="source">[CATEGORY-SOURCE]</category> <category domain="location">[CATEGORY-LOCATION]</category> <category domain="industry">[CATEGORY-INDUSTRY]</category> <category domain="salary">[CATEGORY-SALARY]</category> </item> etc... etc... </channel> </rss>