Recruitment Genome Report 2009

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 9:47pm Sunday 17 May 2009

The first installment of the Recruitment Genome Report 2009 titled "Act While Others Wait: Savvy Recruitment Marketing Strategies Now Ensure Success While Others Wait for Better Times" was released yesterday by Arbita. The reports authors are leading US industry figures who compiled the survey data between Jan 23 - Mar 16 2009.

I was not surprised by the findings for "Search Marketing and Social Media", infact the US is way ahead of Australia in sourcing via social networks and search engines.

The Recruitment Genome Project 2009 Trends Survey uncovered this glaring truth: A large percentage of recruiters and recruitment strategy decision-makers are behind the curve when it comes to taking advantage of the kind of technology job candidates are moving toward.
As the report title states “Act While Others Wait”, signup for our Online Recruitment Webinars and learn how to use these mediums in your recruitment strategy.

The key findings of the report were:

Respondents overwhelmingly will spend the same or less in 2009 on recruitment marketing strategies, technologies and training.
Recruitment goals are strongly believed to be tied to strategic business objectives, and recruitment marketing strategies are believed to be driving recruitment goals.
Companies don’t have good metrics to support their recruitment marketing decisions, but they won’t pay to improve them in 2009.
Companies are lacking effective strategies for the most cost-effective recruitment solutions, which ironically are the strategies experts expect an increasing number of candidates to use.
A huge share of companies are dissatisfied with their job board performance, but a very small minority will invest more on improvements in 2009.
A majority of companies are dissatisfied with their current recruiter and sourcing capability, but only a small percentage will pay more in 2009.
An overwhelming majority of companies conduct direct marketing to candidates, but most don’t think their capabilities are up to the task.
Although nearly all companies believe using the Internet is a key recruitment strategy, a huge majority handle the job internally, and nearly half feel their team is inadequately trained.