Job Searching via Twitter

Posted By: Thomas Shaw, 7:20pm Thursday 19 March 2009

Job searching has evolved from newspapers to job boards, and now evolving from job boards into social networking sites including Twitter. Job seekers can use this medium thanks to new content aggregation sites such as TwitterJobSearch, HashJobs and various other sites.

When users post a tweet, they can add a hash tag with more information. These hash tags can be used by the Twitter Search to search for content. Hash tags relating to jobs include: #job, #jobpost, #naj (need A Job?), #haj (have A Job?), #employment, #recruiting, #hiring, #rtjob, #career, #staffing

Below is a list of some recruiters, job boards, and job content aggregators who are on twitter. You can follow me at @thomasshaw

@2vouch @vicjobs @gamerjobs @gradconnection
@citirecruitment @sixfigures @recruiterdaily @ITJobsBrisbane
@nt3_cv_search @oraclerecruiter @shortlistnews @ITJobsMelbourne
@justsajobs @tribehq @adelaidejobs @JobsAustralia
@itjobssydney @hippojobs @melbournejobs @canberrajobs

Why Candidates should use Twitter


Because each post can only contain 140 characters, shorthand is used lots when tweeting

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